11.8.11 Posted by Frantz D
Marion Becker

Well, I am so very glad I did not fall for all those ads for Clarisonic or even Olay. This is the best little device I have ever used to clean my skin. I am a Chemist and I formulate all of my own personal cosmeceuticals; and, I use max percentages of very expensive high end actives with strong carriers. The delivery of these serums and creams to my skin after using this little gadget is amazing.

I love this little gadget. I have been using the Neutrogena Wave and the various pads (cleansing and exfoliating) for a good 3 years, but the Wave never left my skin feeling like the Wave Sonic. I mean I can only describe it as felling "minty fresh." And I never use anything with a scent or fragrance. This is just the Neutrogena Wave Sonic and the cleansing pad or gentle exfoliating pad. I am sold and I am a difficult person to imress pr won ver when it comes to skin care and products that really work. To get my endorsement, the product must prove it's effectiveness. The Neutrogena Wave Sonic has won my vote.

I am so glad I did not get soaked for 200+, 100+, 60+, or even 30+ bucks since this lttle device does the job. Also, I loe the small platform. It can be used at home and easily packed for travel. I do not have to invest in a standard size and then a travel size...etc. I lve this so much that I sent 3 to relatives and friends who seem [leased with it's [erformance as well.

BTW-One really nice additional feature: The wave sonic is far more effective (e.g., the rotating action) than the AL& Clear Morning Burst Surge Machine; but, the Clean & CLear Morning Burst Surge pads fit the Wave Sonic perfectly so I can get that citrus burst and better delivery with my Neutrogena Wave Sonic. 

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Official Neutrogena Wave Sonic Reviews

Product Description

NEUTROGENA WAVE Sonic is a cleanser that goes where no cleanser has gone before. Its breakthrough spinning action offers deeper clean, gentle exfoliation, and massage in one easy step. Choose between two speeds: one for gentle, daily use and one for deep cleansing. The WAVE Sonic is clinically proven to clean up to 50 times better than manual cleansing -- for noticeable results every day. It is even as effective as the "sonic skin" cleansing system.

Step 1

Neutrogena WAVE Sonic - How to use step 1

Step 2

Neutrogena WAVE Sonic - How to use step 2

Step 3

Neutrogena WAVE Sonic - How to use step 3

Neutrogena WAVE Sonic - disposable foaming pads

Comes with 14 disposable foaming pads.

How to Use Your WAVE

To use the WAVE Sonic, simply attach a disposable pad to the attachment head, and hold it under running water to activate the foaming pad. Turn on the power-cleanser by pressing the power button. Choose your cleansing speed--either gentle daily cleansing or deep cleansing--then gently massage over your face, making sure to avoid your delicate eye area.

You can use NEUTROGENA WAVE Sonic if you have acne-prone skin. Always make sure to check with your dermatologist is you have sensitive skin or severe acne.

Water-Resistant with Disposable Foaming Pads

The NEUTROGENA WAVE cleansing pads are single-use and disposable, so you should use a new one every time you use the WAVE Sonic to wash your face. The starter kit comes with 14 disposable foaming pads. When you run out, you can buy NEUTROGENA WAVE refills, which include 30 pads. Take your pick from Deep Clean Foaming or Gentle Exfoliating Pads, exclusively designed to meet your skincare needs.

The WAVE Sonic is also water-resistant, so you can use it at your sink and in the shower. You are ready to start cleansing as soon as you purchase the starter kit. It comes packaged with two AA non-rechargeable batteries.

What's in the Box

NEUTROGENA WAVE Sonic with attachment head, 14 pads, and 2 AA batteries.

Product Features

· Two cleansing speeds: gentle daily cleansing and Deep CLEANsing

· 2 weeks supply of foaming pads

· Dermatologist tested

· For noticeably soft glowing skin

· Clinically proven to clean up to 50x than ordinary cleansing